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Data Security

Enterprise Security Solution

Is your IT environment vulnerable? Do you understand the potential threats and how to be ready for them? Are you equipped to deal with the increasing flood of information? Are you struggling to maintain security while providing your customers with convenience and access? We help you manage and strengthen the security and privacy of your organization’s systems and data at every potential threat point.


Vulnerability Management, Penetration Test, Web Application Security Testing

If you’re a security professional who’s into mythology, then you’ll know what we mean when we say dealing with exploits is a lot like Sisyphus dealing with his rock. Generally, when people think the world is conspiring against them, you’d toss them a tinfoil hat and get on with your day. But in the world of security? Well, it’s not exactly Lizard People—but things working against you comes with the territory. Attackers on the prowl.


Data Destruction Solution

Data Destruction offers a state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding service. We can deploy a truck to your facility for on-site physical data destruction. With a capacity of shredding up to 500 drives per hour, Data Destruction can handle any job.

Enterprise Security Solution


Symantec / Trend Micro / McAfee 

  • Data Security
    HP Tipping Point, Fortinet , Symantec, ESET, Trend Micro
  • Endpoint Security

             Symantec, ESET, Trend Micro, Sophos

  • Network Security

HP Atalia, HP TippingPoint, Symantec,

Trend Micro, ESET, Fortinet                  

Policy, Risk and Threat Management


Security Intelligence and Operations Security

HP ArcSight

Security Management

HP ArcSight, Fortinet
Symantec, Trend Micro

Cloud/Managed Security Services

HP ArcSight, HP Fortify
Symantec, Trend Micro

Virtualization Security

Symantec, Trend Micro, Fortinet

Application Security

HP Fortify, Trend Micro
HP WebInspect, Fortinet

Data Security

Vulnerability Management, Penetration Test, Web Application Security Testing

Vulnerability Management

If you’re a security professional who’s into mythology, then you’ll know what we mean when we say dealing with exploits is a lot like Sisyphus dealing with his rock. If you’re not a fan of absurd existential metaphors, here’s the straight talk: Attackers will never stop creating exploits to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. Never. So as long as exploits exist (again, forever), it’s a non-negotiable fact that you need a process in place to continuously find and patch your vulnerabilities. That process is known as vulnerability management. And, no, it needn't be as sad as pushing a rock up a hill just to watch it roll back down.

Vulnerability management helps you identify the holes that can be used during an attack and how to seal them before a breach happens. But it's more than launching scans and finding vulnerabilities; it requires you to create processes around efficient remediation and to ensure that the most critical items are being fixed first. What you do with the data you uncover is more important than simply finding vulnerabilities.

Penetration Test

Generally, when people think the world is conspiring against them, you’d toss them a tinfoil hat and get on with your day. But in the world of security? Well, it’s not exactly Lizard People—but things working against you comes with the territory. Attackers on the prowl. Vulnerabilities lying dormant in your network. Even – and especially – your own employees. That’s why it’s crucial your security program is equipped to defend your network against technology, process, and people. And that’s where penetration testing can help.

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is the practice of attacking your own IT systems, just as an attacker would, in order to uncover active security gaps on your network. Penetration testing is conducted in a way that allows you to safely simulate these attacks, so you can discover your organization’s actual exposures – whether within technologies, people, or processes – without taking down your network. A pen testing tool or program is a must-have in any security program, providing you with a virtual map of your exposures and where to direct your resources.

Web Application Security Testing

Whether you’re building a highly automated web application security program that addresses thousands of applications across development teams around the world, or you’re focusing on a few primary applications that drive your business, navigating an ever-expanding application footprint can feel overwhelming. From the complexity of modern applications – and collaborating with the developers who build them – to keeping up with threats and scaling repeatable scanning across the enterprise, the challenges related to web application security testing are multi-dimensional.


Data Destruction Solution

Data Destruction Solution:

Make sure that when you delete files, you do it for good – with BCWipe. Count on BCWipe to permanently delete Data Remanence that can carry sensitive information even after you delete files, folders and other data easily recoverable by a simple restore tool.

BCWipe is easily activated from:

  • Explorer file menu
  • Context menu (right-click)
  • BCWipe Task Manager
  • Command-line prompt

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Global Services

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Data breaches can be costly events, impacting your customers and bottom line. By partnering with FRED InfoSec you are well prepared to deal with a breach.

We have the digital forensics expertise to address the hard questions that you need answers to:

  • What data was compromised
  • How many records were compromised
  • When it happened
  • How it happened
  • What your next steps should be

Incident response is something you absolutely, positively cannot afford to get wrong. FRED has helped many organizations in different industry verticals return to normal after a breach. Our clients range from small/medium businesses to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies. Our technicians are world leaders in incident response methodologies and bring custom tools to bear on your incident. If you need incident response, look no further than FRED for all of your needs. If you need more information on incident response, check out Fred’s incident response service offerings.

But Fred’s experience doesn't stop there. FRED has the forensics experience investigating insider compromises, data/intellectual property theft, and more. Our certified forensics technicians are world class digital forensics practitioners and trainers. They have experience in traditional host forensics, network forensics, mobile forensics, and memory forensics. Check out Fred’s forensics services offerings here.

Penetration Testing

FRED InfoSec is leading the industry with the Advanced Persistent Threat Adaptive Penetration Testing (APT2) model; a business focused portfolio, which is aimed at dispelling Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). This allows you to address real-world threats and risk to your business.

     Assessment offerings include:

  • Vulnerability scanning & Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Assessments
  • Web Application Testing
  • Data Discovery and Mapping
  • Social Engineering

Security Due Diligence

Within the broader spectrum of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), you can face increased liability related to the exposure associated with acquiring a new business. You need the assurance that you have sufficiently considered the risk to your company, taking all possible steps to ensure that your investment in the acquisition isn't spent on fines or penalties.

Sand Table/Tabletop Exercises

In security operations, as in life, practice makes perfect. The most cost effective way to practice security operations and find weak points in your security model is to use experts to perform sand table/tabletop exercise simulations. The staff at FRED Infosec has the experience needed to help you conduct tabletop exercises that will help you maximize your return on your most valuable investment: time. Check out Fred’s sand table/tabletop services offerings.

Malware Reverse Engineering

When malware gets inside your network, you need answers fast to learn about the malware's capabilities and what it can do. Unfortunately, while a malware sanbox is a great start, it will always fail to completely diagnose all capabilities of the malware. Our staff are world leaders in malware reverse engineering and can provide you with superior results. Check out Fred’s malware reversing service offerings.

Staff Mentoring

Enhance your operational and strategic capabilities with FRED InfoSec's Staff Mentoring. Our experienced staff have years of experience and exposure to multiple industries, this gives us the unique perspective and ability to leverage our expertise with your staff in a collaborative manner.

Staff Mentoring is much more than technology skills. We can work with you and your team to help ensure that your security staff are not only securing your business, but are also keeping up to date on the latest information security trends, new techniques & practices, provide educational & training support needed to address the dynamic nature of business.

You gain a trusted advisor who brings with them a unique perspective, augmenting your current operational workforce, and access to FRED InfoSec premier resources you do not currently have available to you.


FRED is comprised of industry instructors who have developed curriculum and delivered consulting packages for global organizations such as ISC2, ISACA, ISSA, and the SANS Institute for both public and private sector organizations.

Consulting and mentoring topics include:

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Threat Intelligence Management

  • Building a Incident Response Program
  • Building a Incident Response Team
  • Intro to Forensics - Host
  • Intro to Forensics - Network
  • Intro to Forensics - Memory
  • Intro to Forensics - Web
  • Incident Response Team Program Development
  • Threat Intelligence for Executives Workshop
  • Threat Intelligence Management Workshop
  • Threat Intelligence Analysts Workshop
  • Threat Intelligence - Analyst
  • Threat Intelligence - Manager
  • Threat Intelligence - Incident Responder
  • Threat Intelligence Program Development

InfoSec & Risk Management

Security Operations: Defense

  • Information Security Management
  • Introductory InfoSec Management
  • Introductory InfoSec Risk Management
  • Risk Management for Security Professionals
  • Risk Management for Business Leaders
  • Information Systems Auditing
  • Audit like a Hacker!
  • Security Operations - Endpoint
  • Security Operations - Network
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Network Security Analysis

Security Operations: Offensive

Security Operations: Management

  • Introductory Penetration Testing
  • Intermediate Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques
  • Introductory Phishing
  • Phishing Campaign Design & Deployment
  • Exploit Development
  • Personnel & Staffing Requirements
  • Training & Training Program Development
  • Policies, Processes, & Procedures
  • Defensive Security Program Development
  • Offensive Security Program Development
  • Operational Security Risk Management



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