How to manage with multi user multiple TILOS projects with ISETIA?

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ISETIA Analytic is a powerful cloud-based business intelligence solution that helps users gather and
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Did you Know Over 60% of Major Capital Programs Fails to Meet Cost & Schedule Target? We are here for reduce your Failure & Maximize you ROI

Ultimately the BIM transformation has grown from the need to address a number of global challenges that affect major capital projects around the
world. Infrastructure projects are complex undertakings, and have been plagued with poor performance, characterized by time delays and cost overruns, resulting from a variety of causes. These challenges include coordination across projects, project team collaboration, and supply chain management as well as integration. This poor performance has resulted in a stagnation of industry productivity that drives up costs in infrastructure in an environment with increased financial pressures on those charged with delivering these programs. This performance gap is even more prevalent in infrastructure than in buildings, where major capital programs are often larger and more heterogeneous. According to a recent study by the Independent Project Analysis Institute, major capital projects worldwide are found to have a 60 percent failure rate in terms of meeting cost or schedule targets. (3:00)
Source for following information is Global_Construction_2030_Full_Report_Autodesk
The global construction market is set to grow by US$8 trillion by 2030, reaching a total size of $US17.5 trillion, up by 85% and growing by an average annual rate of 3.9% to 2030.
Cumulative volume of construction will reach US$212 trillion over the period to 2030, with US$77.8 trillion in Emerging Asia.
“Spending up US$212 trillion globally on construction and engineering projects by 2030”
We estimate that by 2030, construction will account for 14.7% of global GDP, up from 12.4% in 2014.
“Construction to account for 14.7% of global GDP in 2030”