Digital Asset Protection

Web Application Firewall
Database Activity Monitor (DAM)       
File Activity Monitoring
Enterprise Password Manager
Secure File Transfer Sensitive
Information Management Privileged
Identity & Session management
Security Information and Event Management(SIEM)
Application Security Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Vulnerability, Configuration and Compliance Scanner Security Center
Vulnerability, Threat and Compliance Management Platform
Email Security, Email Encryption,
Email Sandboxing from APT Privileged Identity
& Session management
Web Security, Email Security,
Content Filtering,
DLP(Data Leakage Prevention)
EndPoint and Mobile Device Security Network,
Web and Messaging Security DC,
Cloud and VM Security
Next-Gen Protection from APT
Privileged Access Management (PAM),
Service Delivery Management (SDM)
User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA),
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Privileged Identity & Session management


Digital Asset Risk Management Platform