Down The Internet

If you were unable to access Spotify, Twitter, or a number of other popular websites last Friday, it’s not a coincidence – according to various reports, a major DNS provider experienced one of the largest recorded DDoS attacks to date via IoT-connected devices. New details are constantly emerging about this attack, though while no one has […]

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Hack The Army

The government is continuing an initiative aimed at learning more about cyber security strengths and weaknesses through an invitation-only “Hack the Army” event aimed at strengthening its online presence. As it originally began with the Pentagon hosting its own competition, government personnel have realized the value of white-hat hackers shining a light on otherwise overlooked vulnerabilities or inconsistencies. Here are some differences […]

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Need Cyber Security

INTRODUCTION Investment companies, insurers, credit unions and banks are prime targets for cybercriminals looking to steal money or information, disrupt operations, destroy critical infrastructure, or otherwise compromise data-rich financial service organizations. As a decision maker in the financial services industry, it is hard to dodge the very real threat of cyber attacks. Need proof? The financial […]

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Android Encounters

Here’s one for the Android users – a new vulnerability has been found that could affect about 1.4 Billion of total Android users worldwide, amounting to nearly 80% of all Android devices. The bug was found starting in Linux version 3.6, so it makes sense that so many devices were affected. This Linux bug is […]

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