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We Conduct Cyber Security Training
Cyber Security Awareness Training


National Security Surveillance Training

Topic include:
National Security vs National Development
Rumor and its Nature
Social Sentinel vs Target Surveillance
Methodology of Full Scale of Network Surveillance at National Level

Deployment of Network Surveillance
Case Study on Different Countries Introduction to National Security Surveillance Training
Social riot is a common phenomenon in every country in the world. By advanced communication technology, fast spread of social uprising may cause a serious national security issue impacting on social and economic development. In this course, we will introduce common nature of social uprising, how to conduct social sentinel surveillance, data analysis with practical case study.


Network Forensics and Lawful Interception  Total Solutions Provide Cyber Security


E-Detective Decoding Centre
Enterprise Data Guard System
Data Retention Management System
Cyber Crime Investigation Training
NIT (Network Investigation Toolkit)
Network Packet Forensic Analysis Training
FIT (Forensics Investigation Toolkit)
VoIP Detective
HTTPS/SSL Interceptor
E-Detective LEMF Solution Suite
Centralized Management System
Enterprise Data Guard System
National Security Surveillance Training
Lawful Interception Training
Satellite Digital Signal Analysis System


Data Retention Management System Cyber Security

Data Retention Management System (DRMS) is designed for viewing
Intercepted Data centrally from multiple frontend E-Detective, ED2S, NIT2/WD
and iMonitor/EDDM Systems.
Provides a User Friendly GUI, and easy to import and view the Contents
especially for large amount of Intercepted Data.
Capable to view multiple data Files at the same time.
Works with E-Detective and ED2S systems by Automatic transport function via FTP, and allows reconstructed Data File in each frontend system to be stored in DRMS Server centrally.
Search and Advance Search functions provided for data scoping and primary link analysis.
Easy Management of reconstructed Data Files centrally with multiple EDetective and ED2S systems.
Integration with 3rd party data or text mining, link analysis system or Hadoop File System


E-Detective Decoding Centre Cyber Security

Designed for Off-line Packet Reconstruction
Protocol decoding engine with integration capability to other system
Multi-Users and Case Base Management
Administrator can create different project/case for different
user/investigator to conduct Internet raw data parser and
forensics analysis task on the system
Various Content of Internet Applications Decoding

Email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP), Webmail (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail
etc.) IM (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, QQ, UT, IRC, Google Talk, Skype Voice

Call Log), File Transfer (FTP, P2P), HTTP (Link, Content,
Reconstruct, Upload/Download, Video Stream), Telnet, Online
Games, VoIP, Webcam (Yahoo, MSN)…etc.
EDDM is LI Version Product of EDDC
Cutting-edge Offline Decoding Device



User may opt to purchase the complete Appliance (Hardware + Software) or only purchase Software from us. User may use their own dedicated server for installing the software.

Capable to intercept and capture (through Mirror Mode or Tap Deployment), decode and reconstruct VoIP RTP sessions.

  • Supports voice calls of SIP.
  • Supported CODECS: G.711-a law, G.711-u law, G.729, G.723 and ILBC.
  • Capable to play back the reconstructed VoIP sessions.


Satellite Digital Signal Analysis System

For generic digital signal analysis of satellite communication
Present reconstructed content data of both unilateral download and upload links .

Provide signal analysis on both L2 and L3 levels
Provide correlation analysis with both download and upload links
Suitable for network forensic analysis on satellite digital communication.



WLAN Analytics/Forensics/Legal Interception System
Support Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n Scanning & Packet Capturing
Automatically WEP Key Cracking (WPA Optional Module)
Decode and Reconstruct WLAN packets
Capture/Decode/Display are All-in-One