About Us

Fred Intelligence Limited is primarily Managed Cyber Security Company, started its journey since 2014 to take over or acquire the business under the name and style Ms Fred Intelligence Bangladesh (A proprietorship firm having its office at Plot-10, Taher Tower, Gulshan Uttor CA, Dhaka-1212) as a going concern with all assets and liabilities, goodwill, furniture and fixture, Security deposits, on-going works, license, utensils, cash-in hand and cash-at-bank and to pay for it in cash or in shares or partly in cash and partly in share (as may be agreed upon) and with a view thereto to enter into an agreement and to carry the same into effect with or without modification.

Fred Intelligence Limited is a leading IT security consulting services provider. Fred’s goal is to help enterprises design and incorporate security into their IT infrastructure in a manner which supports the enterprises business strategy.

Fred delivers IT security excellence through operational technological systems and information systems security solutions by planning, accompanying and testing information and telecommunication systems which address the security requirements of companies today as well as the changing needs of tomorrow.

Our State of the art information security services are delivered to customers nationwide. Our multidisciplinary experienced team is based on a holistic approach which enables companies to effectively reduce risks and losses related to the confidentiality, availability and reliability of their information assets, technologies and processes.

Fred has 6 years in Cyber Security experience and has developed World-Renown systems and methodologies being used internationally in the Business, Banking, and Security which provide us services in our day-to-day lives. Avnet is proud to present to you, the Creativity, Know-How, and Compelling Control which we have achieved, giving you the A-Class Service your Company Deserves for its Systems and Hardware.

Fred Intelligence Limited is run by its owner who is working as IT professional since 1998. The CEO is certified professionals having in depth command on the latest IT Security development and management tools. This makes Fred Intelligence Limited is the best place to offer the best Managed IT Security.


Our Company Mission is to provide your organization with Business Critical Services:

  • Reducing Risks
  • Reducing Costs
  • Growing your business
  • Creating an information security apparatus you can rely on.

Risk Reduction – Improve business results by keeping sensitive information out of reach from competitors and malicious or negligent entities.

Cost Reduction – Substantial reduction of costs due to reduced malicious and error related risks. Business Growth – Enable the operation of new services with controlled exposure to risk (ecommerce, Internet Banking, B2B solutions and more).

Creation of an Information Security apparatus – Transfer of skills accompanied by an accelerated Information Security learning curve.



Fred’s Business Critical Services Team in the field of Information Security, Data and Communications, will provide your IT team with direct access to a designated engineer with deep product expertise and personalized knowledge of your IT environment.

Our uniqueness is based on the professionalism and service orientation of our staff; we hold international certifications and work in mutual cooperation with producers of Information Security solutions which we represent.



Fred is leader in consulting of companies in the field of Information Security, Logistical, and Technological crisis management. Avnet has been securing IT Infrastructures, computerized systems and databases in the Banking, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Communications, Defense, and Technology sectors to provide PCI DSS certifications via an onsite QSA (Qualified Security Assessor).

Fred specializes in surveying the penetrability of data systems and providing practical solutions that are in-line with the client’s cost-benefit ratio.

Our ability to bring our knowledge and vast experience comes from the management’s many years of activity in the business fields, financial fields, and banking fields, in the national fields. As experts in their line of experience, Fred can give the best and most updated services available today with the highest level of technology with a broad birds-eye view.

Performance in our passion

The motivation that drives us in all business area emerges delivering higher performance products and services to our customers. Combining technological, economic and personal aspects of performance make the difference of Fred Intelligence Limited.

Fred Intelligence Limited recognizes the power that partnership and cooperation have in achieving any goal. We believe that by harnessing the strength of togetherness with all our stakeholders, we will be able to surmount any obstacle in our path and scale new height. Accordingly our products and services are meant to create value of unity in relations to our business partners, shareholders as well as to our employees and society in general.